Parental Perceptions of Post-16 Providers

Parents Perceptions of Post-16 Providers

Have you ever thought how helpful it would be if your budget supported insightful market research with parents on what they think about the post-16 options open to their children?  An up-to-date report is now available that answers an extensive range of questions on parental perceptions of post-16 providers.

This powerful research report presents the detailed findings of a national survey amongst parents that directly addresses key issues for all post-16 providers and how they communicate with and engage parents in the post-16 study decision process.

Key highlights of this insightful report include:

  • factors that directly contribute to or detract from your reputation; including their relative importance
  •  the top ten factors that instantly put parents off considering a provider
  •  critical information sources and types of information that are most important for parents
  •  preferences for printed information compared to electronic
  •  how to ensure open events are effective in converting interest into applications
  •  key strengths and weaknesses of school sixth forms versus sixth form colleges versus FE colleges
  •  how vocational courses perform in comparison to ‘academic’ Level 3 options
  •  relevance and status of vocational courses
  •  how far are parents are prepared for their children to travel to learn
  •  twenty-two conclusions that will fundamentally support, reshape and strengthen your parental engagement strategy
  •  Eight insightful recommendations that provide a ready-made checklist to sharpen your focus on and help influence parental attitudes.


Based on a national study with a sample of 1200 parents, this report offers detailed insights that would normally cost a single client in excess of £5,000+VAT but you can purchase an electronic copy for only £300 ex. VAT (£360 inc. VAT).

To purchase a copy of the report send a purchase order number via email to . We will issue an invoice against your order number.


Note, in ordering a copy of the report you are considered to have accepted the following conditions:

I.            Copyright of the Parents Perceptions Report is reserved.

II.            Purchasers can distribute electronic copies to their staff but cannot pass copies to anyone outside the  organisation.

III.            Any staff who have had access to the report, on leaving the employment of the purchasing organisation, will not take a copy with them.

IV.            Making printed copies is not allowed.

V.            Using extracts from the report, including graphs and tables, is permitted for use in presentations etc. as long as the source is clearly acknowledged.

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