Research Services

Lawson Taylor has the experience, knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional value through any project that will;

  • Define your audience
  • Attract more of them
  • Retain more of them or
  • Evaluate what has been delivered to them.

This could be anything from Creative Testing to Market Positioning; Competitor Analysis to Communications Audit; Brand Development to Marketing and PR integration.

To achieve this we have extensive experience of the range of research methodologies used either singularly or in an integrated manner. We can deliver qualitative projects via focus groups (including on-line virtual groups), depth interviews, tele-interviews, mystery shopping, observation and workshops. Quantitative methodologies include on-street interviews, online surveys and tele-surveys.

We have a very flexible and adaptive approach to fulfilling your research objectives. We have taken earlier research outcomes and implemented additional activities to build upon them; developed and improved established research designs to deliver greater insight and value and, of course, we have designed innovative approaches to explore complex issues in a way that delivers clear outcomes and strong recommendations.

Many suppliers cover the same methodologies but Lawson Taylor offers a distinctively powerful level of analysis and insight. You will never be left wondering what action to take following the presentation of our findings.

On the rare occasions when requirements exceed our core skills we have a range of specialist partners and associates that enable us to fulfil even the most demanding of objectives.

If you have any research need you would like to discuss we will be happy to advise on the most effective and economical way of meeting it.  Simply call 01630 673188 or email.

Whatever the questions to which you need an answer, or the nature of the issues you wish you explore, we are happy to have a no-obligation conversation with you to help you clarify your research needs.